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Recent scandals have been circulating a video of renowned vocalist and Indonesian top model. Videos that have been circulated with the title "intimate relationship with Ariel Peterpan Luna Maya." But the vocalist with the initials "A" and top model with the initials "LM" has denied them is contained in the video.

Telematics experts from research, it is the original video that was recorded by two pairs and not engineering. We return to public opinion if the video is a partner in the celebrity or not.

An artist like a video nasty back horrendous virtual world universe. How not, the news is because the circulation of sex video involving two pairs of artists who like soap opera stars, advertising, and presenter, Luna Maya and Ariel, her lover.

Since Thursday (03/06/2010) afternoon, the circulation of news-like videos Eshek-Eshek Ariel Luna and it became warm conversation in social networking and microblogging Twitter Facebook.

At least there are two tapes that are scattered across the virtual network. The first video duration 2 minutes 37 seconds, while the second video duration is longer, ie 6 minutes 39 seconds.

The video was made March 23, 2009, located in a hotel in Bali. This information was obtained from site.

The video was believed to be shocking that shows the couple were doing a scene like married.

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